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Lazy B Ranch

Lazy B Ranch started in 2015 is a place where you can come and explore the wild west of Kerry by horse back. Where we take you into the mountains and show you views and tell you things no one has seen or knows. You ride the horse in an authentic western saddle. Riding the horse as the Celts did long ago.
With different treks available just check out our website for more info or call us. This is the only western horse riding experience in Munster.
087 313 8687087 313 8687
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  • Fencing material will be purchased early next week.
  • KCC will provide signage.
  • Fencing and placing of bales will take place wver the next week.
  • Susan Vickers (Clean Coast, an Taisce) will organise a Coast Care Seminar in Castlegregory on Wednesday 23rd March. This will be an opportunity to educate the community and any visitors about factors affecting the dune system and how we can care for the coast.  She will also overss Marram Grass planting in affected areas next month.


  • The committee decided that the official name of the group will be: Maharees Conservation Association - shorter versions like Maharees Conservation and Maharees Matters can be used for domain names and social media etc.
  • The committee will register Maharees Conservation Association as a charity.


  • The committee has been in contact with Eamon Scanlan (KCC), who is optimistic that the KCC will be able to find a solution for the coastal erosion problem at Maharees.
  • Eamon will meet with NPWS and will attend the next Maharees Conservation Association meeting.
  • Dr Jimmy Murphy ( a coastal engineering expert, based in UCC) has also agreed to visit the site.


  • The local Garda attended the meeting to discuss the KCC beach bye laws

Minutes of Maharees Coastal Protection Group Meeting

Minutes of Maharees Coastal Protection Group Meeting (1)Thursday 18thFebruary 2016

Venue:                                 The Club Rooms, Castlegregory

Time:                    9.15pm

Present (13):      Martin Lynch, Trish Browne, Ray Buckley, Peter Hennessy, Denis Cronin, Michael Mckenna, Pat Browne, Marie Lynch O’Connor, Tom Scanlon, Aidan O’Connor, Eileen Walsh, Jamie Knox, Katherine Syme, Martha Farrell.

Apologies:          Sean Spillane

  1. Welcome and Aims of the Working Group
  • Martin Lynchwelcomed everyone and thanked attendees for coming to the meeting.
  • The long-term goal of the group is to secure funding for rock armour to be placed along the Brandon Bay coast. Sustained pressure must be applied  (on all influencers/ decision makers) to achieve this aim. Committee / Community Members must call the council/ TDs/ Councillors on a regular basis to show that this is a pressing issue.
  • The funding for rock armour is subject to a site-specific study (an Environmental Impact Assessment) – other existing studies may contribute to it but a study will have to be commissioned nonetheless. Kerry County Council (KCC) is responsible for arranging for this EIA.
  • Other dune management tasks must be undertaken by the group.
  1. Work that can be carried out on a short-term basis
  1. Placement of Bales of Hay to fill holes/ manage access to the beach:
  • Several members of the community have offered to supply bales / move bales.
  • This will be done over the next fortnight – starting this Saturday.
  • A discussion took place on other options (e.g. oyster bags, rushes).
  • Those who have bales should be asked to deposit them to Maharabeg Cut as this is the area where most of the bales will be used.
  • Jamie Knox will erect a black board at the grotto to advise those who want to drop bales of the location – this can also be used to promote future meetings and events.
  • The committee should place adverts/ notices in SPAR/ available free sheets/media as appropriate.
  1. Fencing:
  • Several members of the community have offered to help withfencing to control access to the beach.
  • A discussion was held about the most appropriate types of fencing: barbed wire fences, sheep wire fences and sand fences (which encourage foredune growth). MartinLynch will contact Susan Vickers  (an Taisce) and Cathy Fisher (Biodiversity Officer, KCC) re. sourcing/ cost of sand fences& signs.
  • It was agreed that the tops of the sand banks would also have to be fenced to deter children from jumping off the sand banks.
  • PeterHennessy and JamieKnox will walk the area to determine how many posts/ how much wire is required.
  • MarieLynchO’Connor will obtain quotes for fencing materials.
  • Pallets may also be sourced to act as a sand trap should we be unable to procure sand fences.Trish Browne will investigate this.
  • This fencing work will be undertaken on Sat 27th February – weather permitting.
  1. An official name for the group
  • Agreed – the group will have to open a bank account and register the group as a charity.
  • Various names were discussed but it was decided to avail of Killian Burns’ offer to help with branding.KatherineSyme will discuss this with Killian.
  1. Election of Officers
  • Chair and Vice Chair: Martin Lynch and Sean Spillane.
  • Secretary and Vice Secretary:Martha Farrell and Katherine Syme.
  • Treasurer and Vice Treasurer: Trish Browne and Eileen Walsh.

Next committee meeting: Thursday 25thFebruary,8pm at Club Rooms, Castlegregory.

Report on Coastal Erosion Meeting

Report on Coastal Erosion Meeting held at The Club, Castlegregory on Tuesday 16 February 2016.

The meeting was again well attended. The agreement of all landowners is to be sought before any works are implemented. There is a need to raise awareness of the beach bye laws and to ask the County Council to implement them. Kerry County Council is currently seeking funding for an impact study on coastal protection measures in Maharees. The illegal camping is not only a cause of erosion it is also a public health issue. Major concerns were expressed in relation to access for ambulance, doctor and fire brigade.

Solutions discussed:

  • Control overgrazing
  • Move the containers across the road
  • Limit access points to beach by blocking/fencing off other non-recognised paths.
  • Repair existing fencing where damaged.
  • Plant marram grass on affected sites. Susan Vickers to be consulted.
  • Many people offered use of their tractors and machinery to complete works.
  • Rock armour as the best solution and stone gabions were also discussed.
  • Need to raise awareness with the councillors.
  • Get the County Council to look afresh at the car park issue.
  • Create an identity.
  • Contact local MEPs to seek EU funding.
  • Lots of goodwill and offers of help shown at the meeting and over £900 collected from the attendance. Money to go for purchase of fencing, mesh netting, signs etc.
  • Martha Finn to set up crowd funding from the petition
  •  A sub-committee was formed:

Ray Buckley, Denny Cronin, Patricia Browne, Marie Lynch O’ Connor, Pat Browne, Michael McKenna, Lawrence O’ Connor, Eileen Walsh, Peter Hennessy, Martha Farrell, Jamie Knox, Catherine Syme, Tom Scanlon, Martin Lynch, Sean Spillane.

  • First meeting of sub-committee at the Club Rooms on Thursday 18 February at 9.15 pm.

Storm Festival - A Success!

The end of a very busy three weekends and what a finish! As part of the Storm Festival, the Community Council served dinner for 94 people. It was heartening to see people from all areas of Castlegregory coming together to share a meal. We had to turn away 20m people as the meal was sold out on Thursday. Thank you to all who came and we hope you enjoyed your meal. A special thank you to the cooks: Mandy, Eamon, Bernadette, Mary, Debbie and Noreen; To the breadmakes: Eileen, Lucy, Julia, Joanne, Rosari, Shirley, Shelia and Gert; To the kitchen helpers: Bernie,Josephine,Katie,Lourde,Sheila,Marian,Gert and Debiie, to the Raffle organizers;Catherine and Nora,To the servers; Lucy, Kieran, Niamh, Cáit, Grace, Carrie, Martha and Caitlyn. To Carole, Ann, Bernadette, Peter and Cliff, you all did a great job to make the dinner a fantastic success. When shall we do the next one? Summer is coming sometime….. Also thank you to those who donated prizes for the raffle; Tim Smith, O’Connor’s Trekking, Junction Bar, Tralee Framing and Tomásíns.

A word about the Storm Photp Exhibition: the photos were beautiful. Thanks to Tim, Bridget, Cate, Marcia and thanks to Syra for curating. Syra also put it up on the Creative Way facebook page and had 2000 likes. Maybe next year we’ll have even more participation. This will be an on-going event!

Now that the picture rails are up, if there is an artist or photographer that would like to have a show, they can contact Marcia at 0871693493 for more info. Great place for an exhibition, parking available, tea and coffee making facilities, tables and chairs for a cosy café/gallery effect.


storm pic

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