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Activities in Castlegregory - Surfing

IMG_4303There is abundant surf in Brandon Bay mainly in the form of mellow beach breaks and is therefore very suitable for beginners.

Offshore winds are rare (E / NE) and Surfers often have to contend with strong onshore West or South West Winds which are the prevailing direction. 

Waves are of average quality with those good days bringing out the crowds to the main spots. 

Respect for the local surfers and not dropping in are of paramount importance. 

Rules of Surfing

  • Don't Drop in - If a surfer is already up and riding the wave do not take the same wave.
  • Priority - The surfer nearest the peak or the white water has priority for the wave.
  • Respect and courtesey - Don't paddle around a surfer who is waiting at the peak then take the next wave
  • Know your ability - If the waves look big and heavy use your common sense and find somwhere that matches your ability.
  • Beware leaving valuables in your car as theft is commonplace especially in the more remote spots and on Weekends.

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Information Booklet

castlgregorybookletOur Information Booklet is packed with interesting facts and information about the local area. Get your copy in the information centre today

We found the Castlegregory Booklet invaluable for our recent visit to the area. There is so much to do and see and the booklet gave us some great ideas... Mr H.Roberts, North Wales.